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Increases the Life of your Garments

To increase the life of your fabric, the most simple solution is to wash and launder your clothes with the least possible mechanical action, least abrasion with products that safeguard the intrinsic fabric qualities.

Fabmate is a product developed by textile technologists

How Fabmate helps …

  • One product for all kinds of fabrics.
  • Simple process – to soak for 30 min (either in machine or bucket) and wash without brushing, with the least mechanical action by hand or machine wash
  • Single product for Hand wash, Top and Front Load washing machines
  • Foams less hence extremely suitable for front load washing machines
  • Low mechanical action increases life and preserves the original look of the garment
  • Fabmate is bleach and alkaline free hence safe for fabrics
  • Neutral pH ensures safety for sensitive skin.
  • Foams less hence can be rinsed off with least water.
  • No need for any additives like liquid bleach, whitener etc.
  • Fabmate is equally effective in hard water too.
  • Fabmate is phosphate free, hence environmentally safer.

So find a new friend for yourself and your fabrics and put an end to your washing woes with… Fabmate